The objectives over the next three (3) years for the Foundation are as follows:

  • To develop comprehensive U.S. exchange program for Korean jurists and law students and businessmen, and Korean exchange program for their U.S. counterparts;
  • Provide U.S.-Korea law classes for lawyers, law students and undergraduate students;
  • To provide conference, mediation, expert witness, research service specialized in US-Korea legal matters;
  • To research on the policy on the bi-country legal issues such as the Korean Adoptees and Los Angeles Riot;
  • To lay foundation for LLM and SJD with emphasis in the comparative study of US-Korean legal system at the law schools;
  • To develop job placement for the lawyers and legal professionals in U.S. and Korea; and
  • To establish a collection of literary material related to Korean law, the Korean legal system, and U.S.-Korea legal matters